Hope Living

Shepherds of Good Hope is now in the West End.

Welcome to Hope Living!


This inviting location in Ottawa’s west end is our 8th and newest facility and supportive living residence. This quiet, suburban setting permits an ease of living so different from the noisy downtown, urban core. Everything in this building is designed to enable clients to maintain their independence, privacy and to address health and mental health concerns. Here they can enjoy a life rich in community and take pleasures in the peaceful environment around them. With 99 beds, expansive open spaces and multiple, large windows, cosy sitting rooms, a well-appointed dining facility and sprawling grounds, our clients can experience all of the comforts and safety of their lovely new home. Outside of the common areas each client enjoys their own privately heated and cooled room complete with a full ensuite bathroom.



Nursing staff assist with medication management and an activities coordinator keeps the atmosphere lively with the scheduling and planning of events and outings for those who need more stimulation. Clients are given budgeting advice and money management skills. Independence is encouraged and so is the making of their own meals, doing their own laundry and housekeeping of their own rooms.




For more information, please contact:
Lindy Rosko
Senior Manager


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