Dignity Advocate April 2013

Shepherds of Good Hope April 2013
 A Life Rebuilt

Soulious Kirkaous was a chef at a local nursing home when he first came to Shepherds of Good Hope in February of 2007.   He had reasons for using the shelter system as he was a gambling addict and had tremendous issues with his budgeting.  He also had two disabilities, hearing loss and partial loss of eye sight.  After his retirement in 2012, Soulious struggled to find meaningful employment.  He was repeatedly frustrated because of language and cultural barriers, in particular, with the Old Age Security application process.  He pushed back by always maintaining that he was going to go back to Greece and that none of this was really necessary.

Soulious was initially unwilling to build any savings or consent to any financial assistance.  With patient and persistent support Soulious began to trust and receive help from his case manager.  Not only was he accepting support in re-acquiring immigration documentation necessary for applying for his Old Age Security, he was openly discussing budgeting, his gambling addiction and debt management.  Not the least to mention was his victory over his reluctance to apply for senior housing.   On February 21, 2013, Soulious made a brave and triumphant move into his own senior housing unit. After struggling against aid and hope for 6 years of living in a shelter, Soulious came to accept himself, his situation and his need to move forward with the help of those around him.  To help us help others like Soulious please click here.


Legacy, a Gift That Will Live On

By leaving a gift in your Will…you are supporting a future of dignity

Each day over 1600 people come through the doors of Shepherds of Good Hope.  Many come for food, others for clothing, some to sleep in a warm, clean bed while others struggling with mental illness and addictions come for help and hope.  By leaving a gift in your Will you can be assured that the many men and women who continue to come through our doors will have a future of dignity.  If you would be interested in receiving more information on leaving a gift in your Will click here or contact Anna Silverman at  (613) 789-8210 #247 or asilverman@shepherdsofgoodhope.com.

Tributes Gifts

Did you know…?

Anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, graduations or any special occasion can be honoured by a tribute gift to Shepherds of Good Hope and it is as convenient as selecting Tribute Gift on our web site. We will conveniently send along a message with your comments to inform the intended of your gift in their name and by using our on-line giving catalogue you are also able to select exactly where you wish to direct your gift.  If you wish to honour someone with a tribute gift click here or contact Christelle Rouette at (613) 789-8210 # 225 or Christelle@shepherdsofgoodhope.com.


Meet One of Our Monthly Donors

Kelly Mulrooney-Côté is one of our most recent donors to the Friends of Shepherds Monthly Giving Program. Kelly recently became the president of Geosynthetic Systems, an organization that sells environmentally-friendly products.  In preparation for her new role she attended Finance for Non-Financial Managers – a course that talked about businesses focusing on the Triple P Bottom Line – Profit, People and Planet.

To business owners, profits are always important to the bottom line but Kelly had not thought about the planet or the people in a community as being equally important. As the owner of a company that is essentially “green” she felt she was able to commit to the planet part but the people part was lacking.  When she received Shepherds of Good Hope Easter mailing, she realized this was a perfect opportunity to do her part to take care of people too.

Kelly told us that she and her family have supported Shepherds of Good Hope for many years so it seemed like the simplest and most natural choice to become a monthly donor. By becoming a monthly donor Kelly helps Shepherds of Good Hope provide constant support for its many programs in a way that is both easy and convenient. The donation is charged to her credit card each month and Kelly receives one tax receipt for the entire year. Most importantly for Kelly is that she can now meet her “Triple P Bottom Line”.

Like Kelly, you too can help provide continuous support for the most vulnerable men and women who have so little and need so much by joining our Friends of Shepherds Monthly Giving Program.  For more information on joining our Friends of the Shepherds Monthly Giving Program please contact Christelle Rouette at (613) 789-8210 # 225 or Christelle@shepherdsofgoodhope.com.


Anna’s Thoughts

Every day we see so many people looking for help.  Last year 700,000 meals were served out of our soup kitchen and over 350 people slept each night in our 7 facilities across the city.  Our task is tremendous in scope and could not be possible without your generous support. For this we are so grateful.  If you would like learn more about our organization or receive a tour of the facilities please call me at (613) 789-8210 #247 or email me at asilverman@shepherdsofgoodhope.com.



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