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Shepherds of Good Hope December 18, 2012
Christmas Eve at Shepherds of Good Hope

What a special time Christmas Eve is at Shepherds of Good Hope.  The place bustles with activity from the many volunteers preparing food all day.  Carols are sung inside and outside of the Soup Kitchen building.  At 5:30 pm the mass commences in the middle of the parking lot at 233 Murray Street.  Barrels filled with wood burn and crackle high into the black night sky.  A platform and podium occupy one corner of the lot.  Here Deacon Paul Soucie and a community priest conduct the mass behind a life size model of the Holy Family while soft music plays in the background.  All care is taken to bring the spirit of the true meaning of Christmas to those who wish to partake in this special time.  Our clients and our staff recognize the reverence and are usually quiet. Slowly they line up for the host that is being distributed. This experience represents a particular time in many past lives and is being brought to them again, only this time outside at a homeless shelter in the middle of downtown Ottawa.  If you would like to participate at this very special affair we welcome you to celebrate with those who come together in faith. Help us to continue to help those with such a small voice in our community donate now.  For more information on the mass call Nicola at (613) 789-8210 #229.

A Tremendous Partnership

The Ottawa Catholic School Board is a tremendous supporter of Shepherds of Good Hope. Right from Shepherds of Good Hope’s inception, the school board was ready with volunteers to assist the many that were coming to Shepherds of Good Hope doors in any way they could.  Today, students of all ages under the supervision of their teachers are conducting many food drives, toiletry collections and warm clothing drives as well as making thousands of sandwiches that are distributed to those who come to Shepherds of Good Hope doors.  Students have an opportunity to really understand the social impact that homelessness has when they partake in volunteer opportunities and tours of Shepherds of Good Hope buildings.  Thanks to the Ottawa Catholic School Board we are able to continue to provide for the most vulnerable in the community that we serve!  If you wish to partner with the kids to help us click here.


 Monthly Giving is a Gift That Lasts All Year

Christmas time comes but once a year.  At Shepherds of Good Hope people think of giving at this important time of year but what about the rest of the year?  There is still a need for food, clothing, shelter and medical attention throughout the other eleven months.  Monthly giving really does give you the ability to provide a gift on a recurring basis without having to think about it.  There is no remembering to write a cheque or making a phone call. The Friends of the Shepherds Monthly Giving Program is a very important part of the budgeting process for our organization, it is because of these monthly donations that we are able to plan for the continuation of programs and services that might fall by the wayside if continuous funding was not available. You can register on our website or call Judy at (613) 789-8210 #223. It is that easy to give a gift that will last all year.

A Taste For Hope

On February 7, 2013 Shepherds of Good Hope Foundation will present A Taste for Hope – an extraordinary culinary event in celebration of Shepherds of Good Hope’s 30 years of service to the most vulnerable in our community. Guests will have the opportunity to sample dishes prepared by many talented local Ottawa chefs ranging from signature creations to the exotic, as well as fine wines courtesy of Vintners’ Selection. All proceeds from this showcase event will be used to renovate the soup kitchen where last year 700,000 meals were served. It will take place from 6:00 to 9:00 pm in Jean Pigott Hall at Ottawa City Hall, 110 Laurier Ave. West. For information call 613-789-8210.  To purchase tickets click here.


Meet Raymond

One member of Shepherds of Good Hope staff is a very special person, especially at Christmas.  His name is Raymond but he is also known affectionately as Santa Claus.  This real-life Santa look-alike helps Shepherds of Good Hope by posing for pictures with the children at the Rideau Centre during the Christmas season. The children are thrilled.  Santa has the time of his life and the funds that are raised assist Shepherds of Good Hope in the care of the vulnerable.  If you would like to help contribute towards these funds raised in honour of Shepherds of Good Hope click here or if you would like to plan your own fundraiser click here.


Groceries for Needy Families


Did you know that the lead up to Christmas sees 500 families a day coming to Shepherds of Good Hope needing groceries for their household?  We give these families the makings for family meals that will last a month.  We are the backup to their local food banks.  Once a family has reached their allotment from their local Food Banks, we are pleased to open our doors to them wherever they come from.  If you would like to help us keep our shelves stocked this Christmas please click here.

Toiletries are Gold

Imagine if you didn’t have soap to shower with or shampoo to wash your hair?

 Here at Shepherds of Good Hope we have a room that is called the ‘Gold Room’.  That is because this is where the precious gold ‘our toiletries’ are stored.  Toiletries such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, and shampoo is being used by the 350 individuals who sleep in our programs every day.  Toiletries are so necessary in the lives of the homeless.  If you would like to donate toiletries please click here or funds for the purchase of toiletries please click here.

Legacy, A Gift That Will Live On

At Christmas time when so many exchange gifts you might leaving a legacy by considering a gift of a different sort. At Shepherds of Good Hope you can make a gift in your will at any time that will live on to help the most vulnerable in our community get the care that they so desperately need and deserve.  This is a gift that can continue to bring hope to those have so little.  If you would be interested in receiving more information on legacy giving click here.


Tribute Gifts

Christmas is a time to show you care with a gift for that someone special. Anniversaries, birthdays, graduations or any special occasion can be honoured by a tribute gift to Shepherds of Good Hope and it is as convenient as selecting Tribute Gift on our web site. If you wish to honour someone with a tribute gift click here.

Anna’s Thoughts

Shepherds of Good Hope sees over 1600 people coming through their doors every day. Some come for a hot meal from our Soup Kitchen, some for warm, dry clothing from our Clothing Program, some for groceries from our Grocery Program or a bed in one of our 7 properties across the city.  Our task is tremendous in scope and could not be possible without your generous support. If you would like more information or a tour of the facilities please call me at (613) 789-8210 #247 or email me at asilverman@shepherdsofgoodhope.com.

I would like to take the opportunity to send you warmest wishes for a wonderful holiday season.

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