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June 2013
Father’s Day is Here
Father’s Day is June 16th, 2013.  Why not honour a Dad with a tribute gift to Shepherds of Good Hope. What a wonderful way to show you love him by helping other dads at Shepherds of Good Hope. It is so convenient, just select Tribute Gift on our web site. We will send along a message with your comments to inform him of your gift in his name. If you wish to honour someone with a tribute gift – CLICK HERE or call Judy at (613) 789-8210 Ext. 223.

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With A Little Help from Shepherds of Good Hope

Adelino was a former Portuguese military veteran who has been living at Shepherds of Good Hope since August of 2010. Adelino is a calm, polite individual who is well liked by clients and staff for his gentle manner.

Adelino suffers from a form of chronic gastrointestinal disease with symptoms of excruciating stomach pain, fatigue and vomiting of blood. In addition, Adelino suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, all good reasons for him to apply for the Ontario Disabilities Support Program. However, because of Adelino’s illness he wasn’t able to follow through with his client responsibilities and his chances were lost.

After hearing his story, our case manager began to work closely with Adelino to reconnect him with health care professionals and also to fill in his Ontario Disabilities Support Program application form.

Recently, Adelino received his much needed endoscopy at the hospital. With the support of our case manager, he was able to apply to Ontario Works for drug benefits. He was acquainted with his new doctor and has received Ontario Disability Support. Adelino is exactly where he needs to be right now and is ready to look for more permanent housing out in the community.

To help us help others like Adelino please CLICK HERE.

Anna’s Thoughts
Summertime is an extremely busy time for many, what with picnics, weddings and BBQs. We all look forward to a little rest and relaxation during these warm summer months — maybe on the cottage hammock, playing a round of golf or by lying on a beach. Unfortunately, the homeless do not have the same luxury. They have nothing and for many, not even their health.Regardless of the time of year, the men and women in our care still need all of the many services that we provide. Summertime sees higher numbers coming to our doors for meals from our soup kitchen, groceries from our grocery program, clothing from our clothing program or a bed to sleep in out of the heat. We have the outstretched arms for anyone who needs us.

Please, won’t you help us keep our many programs running all summer?

If you would like learn more about our organization or have a tour of the facilities please call me at (613) 789-8210 #247 or email me at asilverman@shepherdsofgoodhope.com.

Monthly Giving
Angela decided to join our Friends of Shepherds Monthly Giving Program as an alternative way of showing her support to a cause she felt was so worth while. “I have been a regular donor for many years and had been thinking about it for some time, she said, but it suddenly became clear to me that by being a monthly donor I could support my charity of choice in the most convenient way possible. I did not have to use a stamp or write a cheque and I would receive just one tax receipt at the end of the year. Why not make my life easier and that’s exactly what I did!”

If you, like Angela, would be interested in joining our Friends of Shepherds Monthly Giving Program CLICK HERE or call Christelle at 613-789-8210 ext 235.


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