Dignity Advocate June 2014

June 2014

Thoughts from Anna


June 15th is Fathers’ Day.  It is not too late to tell Fathers everywhere how we feel about them. 

Are you confused about what to give him again this year?  Instead of another boring tie or more golf balls try thinking outside of the box.  Show that special Dad what a great person he has been in your life by helping to change the lives of those in need. We have now introduced an e-card function on the Shepherds of Good Hope website. You write a personalized message and he will instantly receive it.  By doing so, you are telling him how much you care about him in the flash of a key stroke and you are helping the less fortunate realize a better life. 

If you would like to send an e-card to your Father click here. If you would like more information about Shepherds of Good Hope or would like a tour call me at (613) 789-8210 ext. 247 or email me at asilverman@shepherdsofgoodhope.com

Update on Our Tree of Hope Campaign

With your help through our Tree of Hope Campaign we are transforming Hope Living into a home and not just a residence.  Our tenants are thrilled to have a safe space that promotes independence and helps them to address their mental and physical health concerns. By purchasing a$2500 leaf on the Tree of Hope, either through a one-time donation or monthly pledges, on the Tree of Hope, our residents and anyone walking through our doors will know that our clients are not alone. Your support makes a huge impact, because everybody needs a home and everybody deserves a home. To learn more about Hope Living or the Tree of Hope Campaign please contact Micah Garten at 613-789-8210 ext. 241 or micah@shepherdsofgoodhope.com.

Tribute Gifts and Now Ecards

June 15th is Fathers’ Day.  Give him a gift to mark that special occasion while helping others … Fathers’ Day, birthdays or any special occasion can be honoured by a special E-Card which is now available on our web site.  You can select one from a number of cards to customize your greeting for that special occasion, write your message and instantly it will be delivered to the intended recipient. By doing so you are assisting the most vulnerable men and women in our care If this year you wish to honour your Father with an E-Card – click here.

Legacy, A Gift That Will Live On

Outlive your life by helping others to live theirs ~ Max Lucado

Outliving your life means so much to those who have nothing.  In many cases not even their health.  You can outlive your life by leaving your legacy.

Why not consider making a gift in your Will to assist the most vulnerable men and women in the care of Shepherds of Good Hope?

A legacy gift will live on to help the most at-risk in our community get the care that they so desperately need and deserve.  This is a gift that can continue to bring hope to those who have so little and require so much.    If you are interested in receiving more information on leaving a legacy click here to send an email. Or call Micah Garten at 613-789-8210 ext. 241.

Angie’s Story

Fathers’ Day will soon be upon us and one thinks to the love of family.  Angie is from the Maritimes, the middle child of three where her parents still operate a Bed and Breakfast Inn.  Her childhood was traumatic as she was a troubled child and constantly battled with her family.  At 16 she left home. Angie was self-driven from the get go. She came to Ottawa and completed her high schooling while working at the registrar’s office of a college.  She then proceeded to attend Ottawa University where she took Civil Engineering.  After a year and a half she knew that this was not the subject matter she wanted to pursue so she registered at Algonquin College where she graduated with a 3.7 out of 4 average in Business Administration. Her education did not stop there.  Angie then went to Ottawa University where she studied accounting.  After her education was completed, she went to work for a cellular company in Africa where she was a business manager for three years. When she returned to Ottawa she worked for an accounting firm preparing business proposals.  Her career was certainly promising and she was becoming a rising star but then her whole world changed.  Angie suffered a brain aneurism and almost succumbed to it.  Angie is permanently scarred in ways that may not be physically apparent but she will never be able to work again.


She was without money, unable to work and had no home.  Angie found herself in our Hope Outreach Emergency Shelter for Women where she is being cared for with compassion.  With the help of Shepherds of Good Hope she has reconnected with her estranged family and especially with her father.  She says she feels blessed by all of the love she feels for them and from them. She speaks with them almost daily.


Truly, her loss has been turned to hope.  At Shepherds of Good Hope Angie has found acceptance, compassion and joy.  Best of all she has her family back.  Her mental state is improving daily and Angie is looking forward to leaving the shelter for more permanent housing.

Won’t you help people like Angie find the love and support they so desperately need? Click here if you would like to contribute to supporting a better life for those in our care or send a special wish to your Father in honour of Fathers’ Day.


What Our Monthly Donors are Saying

Mary-Anne has recently joined the Friends of the Shepherds Monthly Giving Program.  She and her family have been giving to many charities over the years but most of them have been international in nature.  Mary-Anne has lived in the suburbs for most of her life and except for taking her children to downtown activities she really didn’t know much about the suffering on our doorsteps.  She was introduced to Shepherds of Good Hope through her church and learned that a number of parishioners were volunteering in our soup kitchen.  They told her about hundreds of people we serve each day and about the many services that we offer to them. She reflected on that and realized how fortunate she and her family were to have a safe place to call home with warm, comfortable beds to sleep in each night.  Mary-Anne then read our latest newsletter and learned about our supportive living programs and it moved her to action.  She joined our Friends of the Shepherds Monthly Giving in order to provide ongoing support because as she said, “The need will always be there so I want to be there for them.” We are so thankful for all of our monthly donors whose compassion has moved them to support those in our care each month.   If you would like to join our Friends of the Shepherds Monthly Giving Program click here or  contact Christelle at 613-789-8210 ext. 225 or christelle@shepherdsofgoodhope.com.

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