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Make donating part of your routine
Donate Buton

There are just a few more days left and then it’s back to school and the unofficial end to summer.

As the summer winds down, many of you will be returning to your regular routine. Please make donating to Shepherds of Good Hope part of your routine. Whether it’s a cash donation, food, clothing or other items, you will make a difference in the life of someone who has so little but needs so much.

Hundreds of men and women come to Shepherds of Good Hope every day. Your donation makes an impact in their lives.

Please help some of Ottawa’s most vulnerable homeless men and women by clicking here.

Elisa turns his life around

Elisa was desperate. Three times he nearly died from alcohol poisoning.

Then he found The Oaks and its internationally-renowned managed alcohol program. Elisa was no stranger to the program as he had been part of it when he was living at the shelter.

After getting his drinking under control and improving his health, Elisa decided to try living on his own. We found him an apartment and Elisa was ecstatic at having his own bathroom and privacy.

But the temptation to binge drink didn’t end. Surrounded by his friends, Elisa couldn’t manage his alcohol intake the same way he had when he had been with the program.

After three near-death experiences, Elisa knew he needed help. He had visited The Oaks where we also run a managed alcohol program. When a room opened up, Elisa jumped at the chance to move into our supportive living residence.

It’s been less than a year but the turnaround in Elisa’s health is astounding. With the dedicated staff ensuring he eats three nutritious meals a day and monitoring his alcohol intake, Elisa says he has started a new chapter in his life. Recently, he enjoyed a visit at The Oaks with his son and has been participating in activities with his fellow residents.

You can help other men and women like Elisa turn their lives around. These are men and women who have spent years living on the street or in the shelter but there is hope for them. You are that hope!

Please make a donation today! 

Volunteer and feel great
VolunteerDo you like to cook? Do you have a green thumb? Are you into board games? Can you call bingo? Sing karaoke?

Then we have a volunteer opportunity for you. Research shows volunteering has many benefits. It’s good for your health and is a great way to meet new friends.

Volunteering with us allows you to help some of Ottawa’s most vulnerable men and women. Whether you’re coming on your own or with a group of friends/co-workers, you’ll find your volunteer experience incredibly rewarding.

To find out more about how to volunteer with us, please check out our volunteer page.

Good Day Workshop
Good Day WorkshopDo you have an antique table that has seen better days? Perhaps you have a side table that has been in the family for decades?

At Good Day Workshop, a social enterprise run by Shepherds of Good Hope, participants are trained in furniture repair and refinishing. For a reasonable fee, you can make a treasured piece of furniture look new again.

The participants also specialize in making wooden toys and small home decorations. If you’re looking for a unique gift, you will find it at the Good Day Workshop.

You can also check out what the Good Day Workshop has for sale by visiting the New Edinburgh Garage Sale on Sept. 17.

By using our services, you are also helping the men and women who rely on Shepherds of Good Hope every day. Click here for more information.

Calendar fundraiser
Do you love great photography? Then our new, 18-month calendar is just for you. It can also make for the perfect gift.

The first month of the calendar is July. So not only can you begin using it right away, but you can use it throughout all of 2017.

This calendar, launched at our annual fundraising event, A Taste for Hope, features 18 beautiful photos of some of Ottawa’s top chefs.

To order your calendar, please click here.

Take a tour
Shelter Building
A tour is the best way to see the work we do with the homeless … and the best way for you to see your donations at work.

Tours take place at 233 Murray St. During the tour, you’ll visit the soup kitchen, our food and clothing program and the men and women’s shelter.

The next tour dates are Sept. 6th and 24th. If you would like a tour, please contact Micah Garten at 613-789-8210, ext. 241, or by email at

Donate Buton

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