Dignity Advocate – December 2014

December 2014
Anna Silverman, Executive Director of Shepherds of  Good Hope Foundation & Deirdre Freiheit, Chief Executive Officer, Shepherds of Good Hope

Anna’s Thoughts


It is almost Christmas time and although it is a time of great joy for many, for others it can be a heartbreaking time. At Shepherds of Good Hope we do everything we can to make this time as enjoyable as possible for the people in our care.  

For instance, volunteer choirs come to sing in our programs, volunteers show up with their ugly Christmas Sweaters and funny hats often singing favourite Christmas songs as they bustle around the soup kitchen throughout the month of December. Christmas decorations are draped across our programs and candy canes are handed out throughout the month.

Christmas Eve is magical with our outdoor Mass and burning barrels held right in the shelter parking lot and following the Mass hot chocolate and home-baked goodies are served to everyone in the Soup Kitchen. Later on everyone staying in our shelters receives a present and the next day they all feast on a hot turkey dinner with all the trimmings.

You make it possible for us to make this Christmas season what it should be for those amongst us who have nothing. Thank you on behalf of those with such a small voice and such a large need.

On behalf of Deirdre Freiheit, myself and everyone at Shepherds of Good Hope we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

If you would like more information on Shepherds of Good Hope or a tour of our facilities please contact me at (613) 789-8210 #247 or asilverman@shepherdsofgoodhope.com

For Andrew’s Sake

A new start sometimes means a new city.  Andrew moved to Ottawa a year and a half ago.  He is an addict who is trying to overcome his habit.  Upon his arrival to this city, he entered our Managed Alcohol Program where he was able to stabilize but not become intoxicated.  He no longer has to pan handle for the money to buy substances that are hazardous to his health.  In the program he was encouraged to finish his high school requirements and being a very clever individual he graduated with top honours.  

Andrew was then introduced to a Canadian Mental Health Support Worker who is helping him to cope with depression and feelings of loss.  He was also connected to a physician for his numerous health problems and was recommended for a disability pension which will help him with his financial struggles.  

Andrew really feels that Shepherds of Good Hope has been a safe beacon in the storm of his life. When he is ready, Andrew hopes to go back to school and study chemical engineering.  

Andrew is so grateful for the caring and support that Shepherds of Good Hope has given him when he felt his life was disintegrating.  He knows he is cared about by all of the people around him.  

Andrew’s story is quickly becoming one of success.  Won’t you think about helping people like Andrew put their terrible past behind them and move forward to a better future?  Everyone deserves a life of dignity and Shepherds of Good Hope is helping to ensure that happens. Click HERE to help people like Andrew.

Meet One of Our Monthly Donors
Jean had a personal connection to Shepherds of Good Hope when she found her brother had been accessing services here.  Now she supports Shepherds of Good Hope every month as a Friend of the Shepherds through our Monthly Giving Program.  She says that it feels right to be connected to Shepherds of Good Hope on an on-going basis like being part of our family who took care of her family.  Jean says monthly donations are not a burden on her bank account unlike one large amount could be.  It is easy and convenient for her and she knows that with her monthly donations she is helping people just like her brother.There are lots of people in this city who have a family member who is struggling and needs help.If you would like to join the Friends of the Shepherds Monthly Giving Program Click HERE or contact Christelle at (613) 789-8210 #225 or crouette@shepherdsofgoodhope.com for more information.



Christmas Tribute Gifts









You still haven’t finished your Christmas shopping – no problem.  You can send an e-card with a Tribute to celebrate any occasion instantly. Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations or any special occasion can be recognized by sending a tribute in honour of someone celebrating any event. It is as easy as making an online donation and checking the e-card box or we would be pleased to send a letter to the recipient of the Tribute.  

Now how convenient is that? If you wish to honour someone with a tribute gift and e-card click here.

Volunteering – A Gift of Self

The experience of volunteering at Shepherds of Good Hope is both rewarding and fun.  At Shepherds of Good Hope you can meet others with like interests, hone your skill development, network with exciting people, make lasting friendships and most importantly help those that have so little and need so much.

If you are an individual or group that would like to come and share a special talent, trade, lend a hand or just feel good about what you are doing to help others, click HERE to learn more about volunteer opportunities or to fill in an application. or contact Sue Alcott at salcott@shepherdsofgoodhope.com or (613) 789-8210 ext. 228.



Legacy, A Gift That Lives On


Few things in life are certain, however we do know with certainty that we will not live forever. And while we can’t prevent this, we can make sure that our hopes and dreams live on. By leaving a legacy gift to the Shepherds of Good Hope you can help change the future for Ottawa’s most vulnerable men and women. By caring for those in need, your spirit lives on in the deeds of others and the lives that they change. For more information on how you can easily make a legacy gift please contact Micah Garten at mgarten@shepherdsofgoodhope.com or 613-789-8210 x241. 



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