Dignity Advocate – January 2015

January 2015

Anna’s Thoughts

January is the very first month of the new year and this year it has been a bitterly cold and harsh month for the people who live on the street. At Shepherds of Good Hope we do everything we can to make sure that those in our care are kept safe and warm.  We will always find space to house those in need and we will never turn anyone away.

We hand out extra hats, mitts, scarves and socks in all of our programs including the Soup Kitchen. We encourage people to come in from the cold on off hours and we patrol the property and surrounding properties for those who may need convincing to come inside.
The winter weather can be exceedingly harsh but we will always make sure that no one need suffer from the cold.


To ensure that we can continue to care for the most vulnerable men and women in our city, I am happy to announce that we are hosting the third annual Taste for Hope on March 25th, from 6-9 pm at Ottawa City Hall, Jean Piggott Hall. This exciting gastronomic event will host eighteen renowned chefs, from Ottawa’s finest restaurants, serving sumptuous delicacies to those in attendance throughout the evening.  A selection of fine wines will be served.  There will be a live and silent auction as well.  The funds raised by this event will be used to continue to serve the hundreds of people that come through our doors every day. 

Tickets are available by clicking HERE or by calling Judy at (613) 789-8210 ext. 223.  We hope to see you there!

If you would like more information on Shepherds of Good Hope or a tour of our facilities please contact me at (613) 789-8210 #247 or asilverman@shepherdsofgoodhope.com

What Happened to Paul?
Paul was a very successful entrepreneur running a high tech company that grossed over $1,000,000 a year and yet on one of the coldest nights of the year this driven and ambitious man left his six children and wife behind to go and live on the streets.  Paul had previously struggled with bouts of anxiety and depression but never like this.  Something broke and he simply packed up his knapsack and walked out the door, turning his back on the people that loved him the most. Eventually, Paul made his way to Shepherds of Good Hope.  He was assigned a case manager who worked at building a rapport with him right from the start.  After assessing his situation and requirements he was seen by a psychiatrist who prescribed him with anti-depression medication.  He also received psychological counselling on a regular basis which helped him to understand his stressors and angst. All the while, the staff encouraged Paul to talk to them so that they could provide further assistance when he needed it. Time went by and Paul started to feel better. His attitude was one of overwhelming gratitude and he decided to give back.  At first he volunteered on the truck that picks up donations and then he took on the task of doing laundry in the shelter. In mid-spring, a more stable and contented Paul went back to his family.  Within months he once again returned to Shepherds of Good Hope but this time it was he who was serving the clients that were his community just a half year earlier. 

IMG_3672Paul had created his own catering company and he wanted to do something extra special for the men and women he left behind. He prepared pancakes on portable grills in the parking lot and then served them hot with the maple syrup he supplied.

Paul has a new lease on life because you made it possible. He is healthy now, rekindled his passion for business and is united with family.   Please, won’t you consider helping others like Paul who without Shepherds of Good Hope may be still on the street and lost? You can make the difference. 
Click HERE to help people like Paul.

Meet One of Our Monthly Donors
Joan has been a regular donor to Shepherds of Good Hope for a very long time. One day Joan received a story about one of our clients and of how Shepherds of Good Hope made a difference in their life. That story really resonated with her about the valuable work Shepherds of Good Hope does.  Joan said,” I am so impressed with everything you do and the organization’s level of commitment that I decided then and there to become a Friend of Shepherds Monthly Donor so my donation could help all year round.” Joan knows that it is more than feeding, clothing and sheltering the poor and the homeless.  It involves compassion and understanding for all those whose needs are not being met. Now her donation is constant which means continued support throughout the year.If you would like to join the Friends of the Shepherds Monthly Giving Program Click HERE or contact Christelle at (613) 789-8210 #225 or crouette@shepherdsofgoodhope.com for more information.
Tribute Gifts
Did you know that we have the ability for you to send an e-card with a Tribute to celebrate any occasion instantly? Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, graduations or any special occasion can be recognized by sending a tribute in honour of someone celebrating any event. It is as easy as making an online donation and checking the e-card box or we would be pleased to send a letter to the recipient of the Tribute. Now how convenient is that? If you wish to honour someone with a tribute gift and e-card click here.
Legacy, A Gift That Will Live On

Few things in life are certain, however we do know with certainty that we will not live forever. And while we can’t prevent this, we can make sure that our hopes and dreams live on. By leaving a legacy gift to the Shepherds of Good Hope you can help change the future for Ottawa’s most vulnerable men and women. By caring for those in need, your spirit lives on in the deeds of others and the lives that they change. For more information on how you can easily make a legacy gift please contact Micah Garten at mgarten@shepherdsofgoodhope.com or 613-789-8210 x241. 



Volunteering – A Gift of Self

Volunteers are the life blood of Shepherds of Good Hope.  Without them we could not do all that we do every day for so many who come to our doors.

The experience of volunteering at Shepherds of Good Hope is both rewarding and fun.  At Shepherds of Good Hope you can meet others with like interests, hone your skill development, network with exciting people, make lasting friendships and most importantly help those that have so little and need so much.

If you are an individual or group that would like to come and share a special talent, trade, lend a hand or just feel good about what you are doing to help others, click HERE to learn more about volunteer opportunities or to fill in an application. or contact Sue Alcott at salcott@shepherdsofgoodhope.com or (613) 789-8210 ext. 228.



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